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Cross Roller Bearing YRT460
  • Cruz de rodamiento de rodillos YRT460

The manufacture and analysis of the rotor bearing of wind turbine.
Wind turbine wheel bearing manufacturing process, the basic process is the first rough turning to determine the diameter of the wheel Bearing Ring inside and outside, and do a good job, end face and check mouth without a ring gear and taper pin hole drilling plug hole, make half a fine car race and gear ring rough machining and heat treatment, and the ring gear finish machining.
In the actual machining process of the supporting ring machine, the rotary table bearing mainly includes the technical performance indexes of raceway surface hardness and hardened layer depth, as well as the curvature ratio of raceway and rolling body, and the performance indexes also include the position degree of mounting hole and the contact Angle of raceway. Turning and grinding, as an important means of machining the rotor bearing of wind turbine, directly determines the quality of the manufacture of the rotor bearing. The raceway is mainly profile grinding. After the heat treatment of the raceway, it is grinded and the grinding quantity is reasonably grasped. Support ring in the process of heat treatment, will support ring overall normalizing and processing, at the same time also to be hardening raceway and the tooth surface hardening treatment, the main parameters of heat treatment with surface quenching hardness and depth of hardened layer two, when in the process of the raceway hardness is opposite bigger, the static load contrast coefficient is relatively larger. Ring in the heat treatment process of recycled aggregate, thousands of the planar flexure deformation has some impact for the flatness, radial deformation has a certain effect of roundness, when the diameter of the ring is too big, will be to adopt the method of pressure quenching and cold, adopt the method of mold pressure to control the deformation.