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CRB12016 Cross Roller Bearing
  • CRB12016 Cruz rodamiento de rodillos

The application of cone cross roller in vertical lathe is very helpful to study the application of cross roller in nc vertical lathe. The motor drives a pair of bevel gears through a gearbox to drive the large gear ring and table around the spindle. Spindle Bearing USES is the inner ring with taper hole 2 group of Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing, the taper and the cone on the spindle, the combination of rising bearing inner ring can be adjusted to make the diameter up to bearing radial clearance, the workbench to float through hydrostatic guideway, servo adjustment of oil through the oil film examination organization. Vertical lathe main mechanical parts are large and heavy structure direction development, but limit the bottleneck of vertical lathe large-scale problems is the main drive of large bearing manufacturing problem "mostly existing large bearings imported in our country, the cost is higher, the domestic even produce the corresponding size bearing, but the rotation accuracy is far less than the machine itself. So the bearing of the table has always been the bottleneck of the standing car manufacturer.